Anna Lambrou


Anna was born in Torreon, Mexico. She has a brother named Vanggelis, who is her best friend ever. As children, their father took them to Greece to visit their family. As a young adult, Anna decided to study a degree as a Montessori teacher. She loves the philosophy of life that involves this way of learning. She stayed in Perugia, Italy where she studied for 4 years, with the intent of later opening a school.

Life changed, however, and she got married. She and her husband Luis moved to Mexico City, where she worked as a Montessori teacher, and later had two children: Alexa and Luis. The family moved many times, because of her husband's work. After a lot of years of this nomadic life she finally came to San Antonio and began this practice by chance. She used to run a lot; all the races and marathons she could! But eventually Anna got injured, and she turned to yoga. She came into the torture chamber at the Huebner Oaks studio for the very first time and got hooked since the first day, from top to bottom, coccyx to the toes.

Her yoga journey has been a long one, and it means a lot to her. She found a place where her mind is at peace and active at the same time. After three years of practice, Anna is certain she will keep this lifestyle forever! She finally found herself and has focused her view of life and how to live it. Tears, laughs, madness, fear... Amazing! The most wonderful experience was Teacher Training Spring 2014. Now, a yoga teacher, she is ready to begin a new life!

"Sé paciente. Dale tiempo al tiempo. Que este acomodará las cosas en el momento en que tengan que llegar." ~ Panayotis Lambrou (Anna’s dad)