August 2015 Student of the Month

Larry De La Cruz

DeLaCruzPlease tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Galveston, Texas. Married to my wonderful wife Esmeralda for 41 years. I have two children Lawrence Jr. and Loretta Ann. I spent 27 years in the U.S.A.F and 16 years as an Educator. I retired 2010 and moved back to San Antonio. I currently live in Converse, Texas.
What brought you to the yoga practice?
I was seeing a Neurologist for lumbar back issues, and upper cervical as well. I was at the point of scheduling surgery, but Dr. Kramer recommended that I do some yoga exercises. So I did my homework, found The Union Yoga Team in San Antonio and became a member, what a Blessing and a life changing experience.
How often do you take class?
I attend Yoga classes 3 to 4 times a week.
What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking you first class?
I was a marathon runner for many years, as matter fact I ran 17 marathons in my running career. But because of my back issues L4, L5, S1, and upper cervical the Doctor told me I better find some other means of exercise. So I took up walking and some gym time and Yoga.
What are the greatest benefits of your practice?
The benefits that I receive from yoga exercise are tremendous. I feel Excellent all over. My pain levels are very much manageable; the hot room allows me to get out of my comfort zone and use the term I CAN DO IT as oppose to I Can’t. I have eliminated the word CAN’T from my vocabulary, I have heard of some ugly 4 letter words, and CAN’T is one. My self-esteem is very strong, and I give utmost respect to all instructors, always pushing each of us to our limits and by the same time, willing to help you on any pose, they are very respectful, concerned, caring, kind, sincere and responsible.
How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?
Since I have been attending yoga classes, life has been GREAT, I feel much better, I am able to play golf, bowl, and power walk, my goal is to attend a power yoga class and then a cross fit class. My mind is much clearer, making better decisions very calmly, able to solve daily issues with less stress.
What is your favorite part of the yoga?
The best part of Hot Yoga: leaving with a clear mind, body feels great all over, I feel POSITIVE of myself, I Feel like a WINNER. The best exercise that helps my back are the Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), and Eagle Pose (Garurasana). Thank You, Thank You, Thank You . Life is Good. YOGA Rocks…..