Casey Dennis


Casey is a classy lad who was raised in New Braunfels, Texas. He enjoys many sports, including tennis, which he played for 12 years. Near the end of his competitive tennis career in 2009, he decided he wanted to be more than just fast on the court; he wanted to become strong and powerful. So after playing with dumbbells and strange machines at the gym for a few years he DOVE into the CrossFit phenomenon. It hit him so hard, he doesn't remember the last day he didn't have a sore muscle. A year and an L1 certificate later, he now thoroughly enjoys strength, power, stacks of weights, and handfuls of steel.

The programming provided at BAM will turn anyone into a healthier, more athletic individual with an ever increasing potential to become mightier than they were. This stuff takes time, and Casey wants nothing more than to encourage people to join him on his dream of finding what we all are truly made of. He will literally stand behind you and help push you through that last impossible rep or that extremely challenging movement so you may one day reach your health/fitness goals. No one is carried in CrossFit, which is the reason BAM's wonderful family of encouraging athletes and coaches is Casey's favorite part of the entire BAM Experience. Class not included ;-)

Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." ~ Winston Churchill