Cassie Boatwright


Cassie purchased her first yoga video on a whim thinking it would be cool to do what the yogi on the front was doing- Bakasana (crane pose)! Two years later in 2007, realizing that her life was way out of balance, she opened the cellophane package. She accredits that first video led vinyasa to bringing a focus to her day to day through breath and movement. She began to uncover that yoga wasn’t just about achieving that pose on the cover.

In summer 2012, Cassie left her career of fifteen years in the public education realm to pursue a life of helping people lead an empowered, happy, and focused life. She is EYT200 certified and incorporates Hatha practice with an energetic vinyasa resulting in a powerful yoga experience- with some laughs thrown in because after all what is life without some fun? Yoga continues to guide Cassie beyond the pose- look for her on the mat next to you in class exploring her edge or training for her next long distance race…be sure to ask her about her cat tattoos.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”- Lewis Carroll