Emanual Garcia


Emanuel Garcia was born and raised in Laredo, TX. His journey to fitness began in 6th grade where a standard health/fitness screening revealed he was border-line obese, couldn't do a chin-up, and was short of breath at a distance in which today he could probably handstand walk. So no matter if he was good at the sport or not he played year around, which meant: football, basketball, track, soccer, band, and chess (yes it’s a sport!). Knowing the battle to fitness wasn't only fought on the fields and courts but in the arena of nutrition as well, he started small and simple. He partnered with his older brother and they cut out soda and boycotted fast food whenever they could. After two years, Emanuel went from an 180lb 6th grader to 160lb 8th grader and could then perform 7 chin-ups, run a mile under 7 minutes and he got the girl.

Throughout his high school years, he was active through recreational sports with friends, playing the alto saxophone in marching and concert bands (he still plays today) and began two martial art disciplines: Kakuto-Bushido Karate-do and Aruande Capoeira. In the fall of 2009 Emanuel was introduced to CrossFit. A friend stood him up the night of boot-camp for beginners, but never afraid to try new things he jumped in with an open mind and has been in love with CrossFit ever since. He also began practicing Bikram yoga in the summer of 2010. In 2011 he placed 2nd in forms and 3rd in sparing at the Texas State Championships (martial arts).

After receiving both his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2013 and Masters in Business in 2014 from Texas A&M International University he moved to San Antonio. Continuing his education in health and fitness he completed his CF-LV1 certificate and became a certified Primal Nutrition Expert under Primal Blueprint. His passion for improving the quality of life through fitness and nutrition is why he loves to coach the BAM family. His lifetime goal is to be able to squat, burpee, and dance well into his 90s.

Fun Fact: Favorite poem - "O Living Always- Always Dying" by Walt Whitman
O LIVING always—always dying!
O the burials of me, past and present!
O me, while I stride ahead, material, visible, imperious as ever!
O me, what I was for years, now dead, (I lament not—I am content;)
O to disengage myself from those corpses of me, which I turn and look at, where I cast them!
To pass on, (O living! always living!) and leave the corpses behind!