Gabrielle Zabriskie


Gabrielle was born in Quebec City, Canada, where she grew up speaking French. She came to San Antonio in 2011, to work as a professional synchronized swimmer at SeaWorld. She has been a synchronized swimmer forever!

Gabrielle practiced Hot Yoga in cold Canada for four years, and as soon as she arrived in Texas, she looked for more. She was lucky to meet Tara Tira, who brought her to The Union. She fell in love with the friendly atmosphere at the studios and the dynamic, welcoming team. She’s now really happy and proud to be a member of this amazing staff!

Gabrielle has been meeting the challenge of the heated room for seven years now. Practicing in a hot room makes it unique and challenging on so many levels. She likes the feeling of sharing her practice with all the other yogis in the room. She can tell the positive effects on her body and mind. Yoga keeps her balanced and positive in life. Gabrielle hopes for everybody to experience the same benefits!

Outside of work, Gabrielle likes to paint and draw portraits. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends and cooking yummy French Canadian dishes with a strong Tex-Mex American influence for her awesome Hubby! She loves to be outdoors and is always ready for crazy adventures! In the near future, she dreams of owning her own synchronized swimming club.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes and it’s about the same.” ~ Anonymous