July 2016 Student of the Month

Frank & Cathleen Sandoval

Please tell us a little about yourselves. 
We were college sweethearts meeting 30 years ago this fall in Malibu, California. Cathy from Massachusetts (Go Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox) and Frankie from San Antonio (Go Spurs). Tweety is an elementary school teacher and Frankie is a Divorce/Criminal Defense attorney and Associate Judge for San Antonio who loves teachers so much he married one.
  What brought y’all to the yoga practice?
 We love doing things as a family and were active in Tae Kwon Do and Golf with our children, Marissa and Nicholas, but there was ‘something’ missing. The Hollywood Park location sign kept calling us: “Cathy!!!! Frankie!!!!! Do Bikram Yoga!!!!!” Saturday, February 1, 2014 we walked into the studio, met our first instructor Miss Kate Davies, and signed a contract before even taking the class. Clarissa happened to be taking class and made sure we set up in front of the mirrors so we could ‘see ourselves’. It was then we learned Yogis take care of each other.
  How often do yall take class? 
Almost everyday unless you’re Tweety then it’s everyday and two times a day during school breaks ;~)
  What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class? 
Fortunately, we really didn’t have any specific issues other than wanting to get into shape. That being said Bikram and Power Yoga along with Crossfit, Barbell, and Inferno Pilates have a way of pointing out physical issues you never knew you had.
  What are the greatest benefits of your practice?
  Without question it is the family we found.  The teachers are always encouraging while pushing us to do our best.  We weren’t really open to new people or journeys and The Union changed that, each of you brought out the confidence in us to attempt postures and activities we would never have dreamed of doing 2 years ago There really is such a thing as Yoga withdrawal if for whatever reason we miss a class or two.
  How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?
 There is no escaping the outside world but this comes pretty close. With Cathy insisting on arriving 30 minutes prior to class we’ve come to cherish our off-the-grid freedom. We believe we’ve become better people.  We’ve tried things we otherwise would never have tried and made friends we otherwise never would have met. Preconceptions, limitations and materialism vanish in the Torture Chamber, and this “yogi’ thinking of contentment, respect and striving to act from the heart has spilled into our lives outside the studio. But it’s a practice and we are works in progress so we return and return and return…
  What is your favorite part of the yoga?
 It’s like golf practice limiting bad shots, Yoga limits the negativity and when bad things do happen they don’t last as long, you accept them quicker and move on. No matter what is happening before walking into the yoga studio when we arrive we immediately smile and feel at home. We are blessed with wonderful lives but as grateful as we are for our family and friends we are grateful to The Union because we know our lives would be less meaningful without each and every one of you. The classes are not easy and are challenging and there are times we feel as if we are not going to make it but then the class ends and we realize not only did we in fact make it, we could’ve continued for a couple more minutes.