Laurel Brewer


Laurel has been involved in athletics her entire life; from softball to volleyball, running to yoga, there are very few things she hasn't tried. Though she was skeptical of the hype around CrossFit initially, her existing relationship with The Union gave her the comfort level to try something new. Shortly after beginning CrossFit as an athlete, her thoughts had taken a complete 180. Laurel realized her passion for training and decided to invest in becoming a coach to help others learn how much this form of exercise could change them for the better.

As a coach, the community and athletes are what keep her coming back for more. Her greatest satisfaction comes in seeing people reach their goals and do things they didn't think were possible.

As an athlete, the intensity, ever-changing workouts and new skills keep her intrigued. With hard work, positivity and acceptance of others for who they are, Laurel looks forward to helping Bust a Move change the world - one athlete at a time.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~ Amelia Earhart