Lisa Fisher

a.k.a. LiFi


Lisa practices Bikram Yoga because she is convinced that nothing else produces the same effect as the 90 minutes in the hot room. And she has tried lots of things--fun things, that make her feel great--but the 26 posture sequence in the hot room produces a unique and cherished result. It's because of this unique and priceless feeling that got her hooked on the yoga 31 December 1999 (Y2K--remember that?!). People were afraid the world would end and she thought, “why not try a super crazy sounding yoga class?”

Lisa teaches because, for her, nothing else produces the same level of joy, meaning, and learning. She has had many interesting jobs & experiences--they taught her a lot and make for great conversation--but spending time with hard working, ever evolving students produces a unique and priceless result. It's because of this unique and priceless feeling that she has been dedicated to teaching after graduating from training in Fall 2002.

More of Lisa’s interests include: pit bull rescue, a profound love for music of all kinds from all eras, traveling, horses, reading, television, film, science, etc. But yoga occupies the greatest space in her mind and heart.

"I believe in the fire of love and the sweat of truth." ~ Assata Shakur