Lisa Ingle-Stevens

a.k.a Little Yogi

Lisa’s passion and commitment to this yoga will be apparent from the moment you enter her class. Lisa provides an atmosphere where you are challenged and given the confidence and motivation to achieve the results you desire. As the Union’s most Senior Teacher of the Bikram Method Lisa truly believes that everyone and anyone can benefit from this practice and through her expertise will support you every step of the way. Known as the Little Yogi, Lisa provides a foundation for your practice that will change your life so you truly will Feel Better than Ever!

Lisa is a graduate of San Antonio’s Trinity University with a degree in Business Administration. From the moment Lisa took her first Bikram Yoga class in 1999, she knew she wanted to teach this yoga and help as many people as possible find this incredible life-changing yoga series. In the fall of 2002, Lisa completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Certification program in Los Angeles, California. Prior to co-owning three studios, Lisa had conducted yoga instruction in Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Denver and San Antonio, along with her ongoing participation in seminars with the Yoga master himself, Bikram Choudhury.

Born in Alexandria, VA and raised in both northern and southern California, Lisa is bilingual in Spanish and English, and takes great pride in her large Mexican family. Besides practicing Bikram Yoga, Lisa loves spending time with her amazing husband Kyle and her precious daughter Olivia. She also enjoys spending time with her friends & family, and especially loves playing with the official yoga dogs of our studios, Oso & Sugar.