Lyndse Gonzal

Front Desk Posse

Lyndse came to find this yoga when her Mom, Aunt and cousin decided to be a little adventurous and try this insane thing called Bikram Yoga. When she heard that her Mom loved working out in a hot room, sweating and working hard on crazy postures she just had to give it a go…because if Mom could do it, then she had to. That first class rocked her world. She couldn’t believe how intense it was and how good she felt afterwards. It inspired her to do two 60 day challenges back-to-back in 2010, and a third to start off 2013 with a bang! This yoga has taught Lyndse a lot about herself and she is constantly learning new things every day. She finds that this yoga continues to help her physically, mentally and emotionally and believes everyone needs it in their life.

Lyndse was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She graduated from Texas State University where she studied Spanish and Psychology. She loves life and, when possible, likes to travel. Some of her favorite things include movies, martial arts, reading and listening to worship music.

She absolutely loves the Union family and feels super blessed to be around and practice with such beautiful and inspirational people every day. You can see her lovely smiling face behind the front desk… often singing, laughing and dancing.

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”
 ~ Albert Einstein