Mark Banasau

a.k.a The Sheriff

Mark loves to share his smile and passions with the Union family. He loves music and plays the piano and directs the choir at Church on Sundays. He brings his love of music into the yoga room, and you can sometimes catch him “conducting” the class as he would his choir.

Mark began his yoga practice in 2003, and went to teacher training in 2006. The journey of practicing and teaching yoga has come with so many unexpected gifts – especially the friendships and community found at BYSA (the Co-op… The Union?). One of his favorite things about the yoga is that no matter how much you practice, every time you come away with a slightly different understanding and appreciation of your body, mind, and spirit.

You can bribe Mark with chocolate (the darker the better), or any homemade baked good. Really. Chocolate and baked goods.

Mark’s gentle wit and big smile always welcomes you to BYSA…wait…the Co-op… no…The Union.