May 2012 Student of the Month

Pamela Heard

heard Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a professional dancer/choreographer. After being a college professor for many years, I am now on the faculty of the professional academy, San Antonio School for the Performing Arts. I teach ballet, pointe, and Cunningham-informed modern dance, and choreograph for the resident company, Alamo City Dance Company. I hold an M.F.A. degree in Modern Dance Choreography and Performance from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. I am on the first re-write of a memoir for several literary agents, and am working on a volume of poetry. I have many diverse interests such as hiking and camping in the National Parks, shooting handguns (I own more than thirty), running marathons, crochet (really!) and dining....I am a real "Foodie". I will never be set in my ways, and the day I don't try something new will be the day that I pass on.
What brought you to the Bikram yoga practice?
I originally came to Bikram Yoga in Houston, through a friend and fellow dancer who was living with HIV with the help of his practice. When my dance program was shut down by the college, I moved to San Antonio and found that I finally had enough time for a regular Bikram Yoga practice. There is no loss without some gain!
How often do you practice?
I practice every day and sometimes twice a day!
What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class?
When I began my practice at BYSA, I had a swelling injury behind my left knee that prevented me from sitting in fixed firm, and a painful tightness in my right leg that prevented stretching. I had had the latter for about four years. Happily, after just five months of Bikram Yoga, both conditions have resolved themselves!!
What are the greatest benefits of your practice?
The greatest single benefit of my practice is the inner calm I feel when dealing with the stresses of everyday life.
How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?
The practice has so improved my live, both physically and emotionally, that I am committed to attending the teacher training program in the fall, and making Bikram Yoga a large part of my life.
What is your favorite part of Bikram yoga?
My favorite part of Bikram Yoga is the feeling of "giving in" to the practice rather than trying too hard or forcing the poses. Everything comes with time. I really love all the shining people I have met through Bikram Yoga. It is good to be on the path with everyone here.