Breakfast Ideas!

I know many of you are interested in some higher protein breakfast options.  Fret ye not! Myfitpal has a nice little article here: What 30 grams of protein looks like at breakfast.


I love potatoes.....

Hey Gang,Precision Nutrition is a fantastic resource for all things nutrition.  Here is a great article on two of my favorite foods: Sweet Potatoes vs. Potatoes.  Summary: Eat them both.  Chips and Fries don't count. Enjoy!



Simple Meals

Now that we are two weeks into our nutrition challenge, I wanted to forward an article by Kingwood Strength Coach Andy Baker to help you reach your macro goals: 10 Stupid Simple Muscle Meals.  His blog and YouTube channel are filled with great info. To summarize this article, Coach Baker lists 10 easy and nutritious meals for those having a hard time getting their protein and carb requirements for the day, including:

10 Stupid Simple 50 grams of protein/50 grams of carbs Meals you can plug into your nutrition plan today.
Meal #1:  6 whole eggs w/ 2 oz cheddar cheese.  2 packets of Instant Grits
Meal #2:  6 oz cooked chicken breast.  1/2 cup of white or brown rice (measured dry).  1 medium/large Orange
Meal #3:  2 scoops of Whey Protein mixed in Water.  1 cup Oatmeal (measured dry)
Meal #4:  1 scoop of Whey Protein mixed in 24 oz (3 C) of Milk.  Blended w/ 1 small banana.  (maybe closer to 60g carbs)
Meal #5:  8 oz of Ground Beef (90/10) mixed with  1  1/2 cups of cooked Couscous.
Meal #6:  8 oz of Sirloin Steak and 2 small baked potatoes (red or gold potatoes bought in the bag)
Meal #7:  8 oz Salmon filet and 2 small sweet potatoes (about 5 inches in length)
Meal #8:  10 oz of sliced Roast Beef from deli counter.  2 slices whole grain bread.  1 apple.  (Breads vary a lot so read labels.  This meal assumes about 12g carbs per slice)

Meal #9:  2 cans of Tuna.  1 cup cooked elbow macaroni.  1/2 cup marinara sauce.
Meal #10:  High Protein Chocolate Pudding w/ Pineapple side.  1 Cup Cottage Cheese mixed with 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder.  2 cups of chunked pineapple.  (this is only about 40g of protein, but if you use an entire large scoop the pudding can be kind of gritty).