October 2014 Student of the Month

Adela Lerma

lermaPlease tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in the country at my parent's ranch in Goliad, TX. After graduating from music school I applied all over Texas for band directing jobs and was hired in San Antonio. Living in a big city was a drastic change for me, but I love this town and the fact that I'm not too far from home. My first Bikram yoga class was in 2010. I wish I had one of those stories where I became instantly hooked. Although I knew during my introductory special that this was the form of exercise for me, it took a few years of spotty attendance and hiatuses before I gained the discipline and realized the need to make my health a priority.
What brought you to the yoga practice?
When my friend said she couldn't have a cocktail with me because she had just taken this insanely hot yoga class, I decided I had to check it out.
How often do you practice?
I go at least 5 days a week, but I like to go everyday if possible.
What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking you first class?
I had an ankle injury that eventually stopped me from running. I wasn't too crazy about running anyway.
What are the greatest benefits of your practice?
My body, my brain, my heart - everything feels so strong and healthy!
How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?
Before I started my yoga practice, I never thought physical fitness was very important. I always thought it was something that only athletes and swimsuit models needed. For me, exercise was for the month of January and the weeks preceding Spring break or summer. After practicing for sometime and meeting teachers and fellow students of all ages, I became aware that physical fitness is key to feeling calm, energetic and happy. Although I'm only in my late 20s, I see too many of my stressed out peers and colleagues with health issues. They look and feel older. The people in yoga class are much different! I am a much happier and resilient person because of this yoga.
What is your favorite part of the yoga?
I always feel like I get the class I need. I'll get the teacher that says that one thing that clarifies an elusive part of a posture. Sometimes I'll arrive feeling weak and wanting to set my mat in the back row and hide, and for whatever reason I end up in the front row and have that strong class I wasn't expecting. It also never fails that there are always more corrections. There is always more to learn about the yoga and yourself. I love this practice so much.