October 2015 Student of the Month

Heidi Clark

Heidi-Clark Please tell us a little about yourself:
I am originally from Illinois, but spent 12 years as an Army nurse (hooah!) and have lived all over the country. My husband is from the San Antonio area, and we settled here 3 years ago. I also have a fabulously busy 8 year-old boy who keeps us jumping through hoops!
What brought you to the yoga practice and/or crossfit?
I was a runner most of my life, and always recovered from the running injuries I sustained by doing yoga tapes. A few years ago I had a back injury that was so painful. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of bed. I quickly decided I was NEVER going to feel that way again, and turned back to yoga for my injury recovery. I had always heard that Bikram Yoga was what I needed to sustain health long term. So I came, I LOVED, and have never had back pain again!
How often do you take class?
I live in Boerne, so the drive and traffic limits my attendance. I would like to be in class every day, but I actually get to class 3-4 times a week. Since I can’t get here often enough, I try to BUST IT every time I get here.
What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class?
In addition to my back injury, I have hip and hamstring tightness from distance running all those years. Also, I turn 50 next year, so I have a little arthritis coming on!
What are the greatest benefits of your practice and/or Crossfit?
Crossfit makes great sense for my overall fitness, because it balances the flexibility I gain in yoga with the strength needed for balance and joint stabilization.
How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?
As a career woman for so long, I struggled 3 years ago when we decided I needed to be a stay-at-home mom. It was difficult to find and justify space ‘just for me’, and to attain the same sense of accomplishment I had always gotten from work. Ninety or sixty minutes in the hot room did both for me. Periodically (when I’m cranky), my husband and son will say, ‘Have you been to yoga lately?’ Whether I have or not, I pick up my bag and off I go!
What is your favorite part of the yoga and/or crossfit?
My favorite part of a crossfit class is the soreness I feel for the next few days. It reminds me that I worked hard, and that there is always more your body can accomplish. I love yoga for so many reasons, but strangely, my favorite part of yoga is that when I leave the room, all the sore places are gone!