Russ Tovar

Bikram Yoga Teacher - Director of Technology - Webmaster
aka Super DoT

Russ went to Bikram Yoga teacher training in the Spring of 2010 and has been teaching yoga ever since. Before his teaching career, Russ was an information systems analyst and before that he was a soldier in the United States Army.

He loves all types of yoga and believes that an integrated yoga practice restores health, vitality and wellness. Russ recently graduated cum laude from UTSA with a BA in English. He loves poetry, films, and philosophy. He is a Vipassana meditator, having attended a 10-day course in spring of 2015. He meditates daily and practices mindfulness in everyday life.

Besides being a full-time yoga teacher, Russ moonlights as an information technology professional. He has his own company, The IMIX Design Company, and freelances supporting small businesses and professionals with IT solutions. He builds and maintains websites, is a graphic designer, and does small business IT like phones and data networking. He builds computers, servers, and installs security cameras.