Stacey Pape

aka Czar of PR

Stacey loves the balance, energy, strength and healing that this yoga, CrossFit and community has brought to her life. Within weeks after having her second back surgery in January 2005 she was in extreme pain again, but luckily found this yoga in April 2005, she knew immediately it would change her life. This yoga has been such a huge part of healing in so many areas of her life ever since, but especially in her physical pain. The CrossFit is helping her to feel stronger, happier and more energetic everyday.

Stacey decided that the corporate world wasn’t for her any longer and began pursuing her dreams in life. She started her photography business, Stacey Anne Photography, in May of 2009 and joined The Union family in April of 2010. Working within her two passions, and being in such a great, supportive environment makes her feel very happy and blessed. Next on her list of accomplishments… Teacher Training? … CrossFit Certification? Until then, you can find Stacey taking photos around the studios, keeping up with all of our social media and smiling behind the front desk at all three of our studios, greeting all of the eager students ready to take class!

Stacey is also…. addicted to her chap stick/lip-gloss (you’ll never see her without it). She LOVES coffee and dark chocolate. She is a movie junkie (and tends to quote them). Stacey always wants to learn as much as she can about health in general and her two biggest passions in life.

Share your smile with people today; someone might really need it to help brighten their day.”