February 2017 Student of the Month

Doyle Morris

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humility.” - Yogi Berra
Doyle Morris Student of The Month February 2017 Please tell us a little about yourself.
I moved here from San Diego California with my wife and three cats in March of last year. Twelve hours after we arrived I took my first class at Huebner Oaks. I had been practicing Bikram yoga for 17 years and had many great friendships at the San Diego Yoga center in La Mesa, especially with the owner, Anthony Burkart, and instructor Dave Schultz. I had absolutely no idea what I would encounter in San Antonio, Texas. I didn’t know if I should wear a cowboy hat, or cowboy boots, and to be honest I was nervous. Suddenly being in a new city is tough, being in a new city and being visually impaired is even tougher. My wife walked me into the studio as if I were going to my first day of school and introduced me to Monika behind the desk… and it felt like I never left home.
What brought you to the yoga practice?
For many years I was a long distance runner, then I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration of the retina and was advised to discontinue my running career. Looking for an alternative form of fitness, a friend suggested Bikram Yoga.
How often do you take class?
What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class?
Sciatic nerve pain
What are the greatest benefits of your practice?
Peace of mind and friendship with other yogis.
Any other emotional or other health benefits?
I have a greater control of my breathing, maintaining discipline, and some semblance of flexibility.
What is your favorite part of the yoga?
The shower afterwards.
What is your favorite quote?
“It’s not the heat, it’s the humility.” - Yogi Berra