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Welcome to the UnionWe are so happy that you’ve decided to join us.

A regular yoga practice and strength training program will change your life in the most wonderful ways.

If you feel nervous, scared, or a little intimidated no problem. Many people feel that way initially. Just don’t let it stop you from coming to class. Our classes are designed for beginners, so know that with a little practice and experience, you’ll quickly feel right at home.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you’re well hydrated before coming to class. Good hydration supports the healthy function of all of your body’s systems, and it makes class feel comfortable rather than overwhelming.

Arrive 15 – 20 minutes early for your first class. Please be sure to check in at the front desk, or with your coach for CrossFit. This gives us time for registration and orientation. Arriving early ensures a stress free and relaxed beginning to your lifelong practice.

Don’t think you have to get in shape before coming to class – that puts the cart before the horse! Come take your first class, and then take class as often as you possibly can and you will quickly lose weight, get in shape, and feel absolutely wonderful.

During class nobody will look at you or judge you. The teacher or coach will guide you and instruct you, always with compassion and respect. There’s no need or reason to be self-conscious. It’s also helpful to realize everyone’s focus is on themselves – they are working too hard even to notice you!

Remember, everyone had their very first class, even the people who have been coming for years. They make it look easy because they persevered, and you can too.

A regular practice will change your life for the best

First Timers

Yoga and Hot Pilates Specific Guidance

  • Don’t eat heavily within 2 hours of the start of class
  • Our classes are for everyone. To quote, Bishnu Ghosh, “it’s never too late, you’re never too old, you’re never too sick, to start again from scratch”
  • With the guidance of your teacher, simply approach every posture to the best of your ability and you will receive 100% benefit
  • Dress in cool comfortable clothes. We recommend sweat-wicking shorts and tops for comfort
  • You will feel challenged by our classes – everyone does! Always work to your edge, but listen to your body and your inner wisdom. Never be afraid to lie down if you need to. It’s normal, especially when you first get started, to feel dizzy, nauseated, or lightheaded. It’s temporary. Respect these signals that your body is sending by backing off. As your body acclimates and improves, these sensations will disappear
  • Make up your mind to take 10 classes as quickly as possible – then no one has to tell you how good our classes are
  • If you have a yoga mat, bring it along with a large bath towel. Bring drinking water. We also have these items available at the studio on loan for your first visit and for rent or purchase thereafter

A regimen of strength training will help you feel better than ever


CrossFit and Strength Classes Guidance

  • Dress in cool, comfortable clothes. Shorts and t-shirts or tanks are comfortable to wear.
  • You don't need any special gear or equipment. We have everything you need for a great workout.
  • All levels welcome. Workouts can be scaled up or down depending on your individual ability and skill
  • You will feel challenged by the CrossFit or strength training--everyone does! Always work to your edge, but listen to your body and your inner wisdom. Never be afraid to scale back if you need to.
  • We encourage and promote a sense of camaraderie. Be ready to have fun in a community environment where we can cheer, laugh and struggle with one another.

So there you go… you’re ready to rock… now pick a convenient time and come to class as quickly as you can. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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