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What is The Stallion?

This Stallion is our most popular package. It’s an unlimited membership which means you can come as much and as often as you’d like. You can go to any location and take any class. It’s a recurring automatic payment. We charge your credit, debit, or checking account every month around the 1st. The package does not have an expiration date so you don’t have to stress about your package ending or your benefits running out.

Here’s the Plan

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Sign up… on the dotted line, all Ts crossed, all Is dotted. Our team will help you with the paperwork

Put Some Skin In The Game

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We prorate the current month, for example if today is the 15th of the month, we charge you until the end of the month

“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Retro rocketshipAround the 1st of every month we automatically charge you again. You don’t have to worry about counting classes or paying at the desk. It’s easy peasy, the computers do all the work.

1-Month Commitment

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To get the good stuff, you’re only committed to paying one full payment. After that, you can cancel anytime.

The Stallion



Low stress payment plan
Come as much as you want, no limits
Easy on the budget, save money!
Freedom to find your ideal schedule
Your rate is locked in and safe against rate increases
Consider it your health maintenance plan
Look Good, Feel Great!

The Stallion for Two



All the benefits of the Stallion +
Family oriented
Share a package with your bae or boo!
Additional family $50 per member
Share the same house? YES! You qualify
Workout together — or not!
Look Good, Feel Great!

AutoPay Policies and Procedures

How many classes can I take?

AutoPay package allows clients to take an unlimited number of classes offered at The Union each month (according to the class schedule at that time)

When will I have to renew my contract?

The AutoPay contract will automatically renew after the initial period on a month-to-month basis until the client submits written notification of an adjustment to the contract (either hold or cancellation, see below)

When can I cancel?

The client may not cancel participation in the AutoPay program until the date specified on the contract with the studio (see earliest termination date on the contract).

Can I cancel online or on the phone?

To cancel, we must receive written notification. Our standard procedure is to fill out a form located at any of the front desks at any studio location.  We cannot accept verbal or phone notifications.

Alternatively, we have an AutoPay Cancellation Form online.  If you cannot make it into the studio, you may use this form.  A copy of the completed form will be sent via email to our Front Desk Posse as well as a copy to you.  Please keep the cancellation form in your records as it has your cancellation date and important messages.

Link: AutoPay Cancellation Form

Your cancellation will be processed ASAP but please be mindful that we must receive your cancellation no later than the 25th of the month; otherwise, it doesn’t give us enough time to stop the automatic payment for next month.

By when do I have to submit my cancellation?

Cancellation Forms and Hold Forms must be received no later than the 25th of the month. Cancellation Forms and Hold Forms received after the 25th of the month will be processed the following month, and the client’s account will be charged on the next 1st of the month as usual.

When will you charge me?

Monthly fee will be charged on the 1st of every month. the actual day of processing may vary, depending on your financial institution.

Can I put my package on hold if I, say for example, go out of town or have surgery?

The client may put a hold on his/her AutoPay package for a specified duration by fillion out a Hold Form located at the front desk of the studio.  Holds begin on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month (no partial months). There is a $10 per month fee for putting the account on hold.  While a client’s account is on hold, he or she may purchase drop-in classes for a discounted rate of $15 per class.

How do I cancel my AutoPay package?

To cancel, the client must fill out a Cancellation Form located at the front desk of the studio.  This is in everyone’s best interest as it eliminates confusion with regard to charges and remaining time.

If I cancel the AutoPay, can I keep coming?

If the client cancels his or her contract he or she will have until the date indicated on the cancelation form to take unlimited classes at The Union.

Note: Our standard practice is to set the last day of package to the last day of the month. Exceptions may apply.
You are always welcome to purchase another package that fits better.

Who is in charge of the AutoPay program?

If you have any questions regarding the AutoPay program, please contact Mark Banasau (

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