Russ Tovar
Russ Tovar

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

SHP_Logo_Final_Aug2017 is a local charity that builds beds for those without. Our own Dr. Eddie is the president of the local San Antonio chapter.

As of right now, he has over 600 children on the waiting list for a bed who all live inside Loop 1604.  This list is growing faster than we can build beds.

You can help by 

  1.  Raise money – It cost $300 per bunk bed and linens (for two kids).  Our goal is to raise at least $3k and therefore help 20 kids.
  2. Volunteer Time – for those that can’t donate money or who want to do more, we are actually going to be building the beds ourselves on 10/13 from 9am to Noon.
  3. Eddie has done several of these group builds and says we can produce 8-10 beds per hour in an assembly line manner.
  4. Donate linens – People can also donate standard twin linen sets to go on the beds.
  5. All of the above :)

The Union will take donations at the front desk at all the studios. Also be on the lookout for a GoFundMe (update coming). 

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