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Schedule of Events

9/3/19 7:15 pm, CrossFit Gymnastics, Huebner Gym
9/7/19 U-Basic Open House, Huebner Studio
9/10/19 7:15 pm, CrossFit Gymnastics, Huebner Gym
9/15/19 10:30 am, Strongman class, Huebner Gym
9/15/19 12:30 pm, Kids Yoga, Huebner Studio
9/17/19 7:15 pm, CrossFit Gymnastics, Huebner Gym
9/18/19 8:00 pm, 60-minute Music Class – Motown, Park Oaks
9/21/19 9:00 am, Hero WOD, Huebner Gym
9/22/19 10:30 am, Strongman class, Huebner Gym
9/24/19 7:15 pm, CrossFit Gymnastics, Huebner Gym



Brian Travis + Jenny Oh

Brian and Jenny Sep. 19 Student Spotlight

Brian & Jenny are both CPAs. They enjoy an active lifestyle and enjoy working
out with the people they meet at the Union

What is your favorite class and how often do you come in a week?

Our favorite class is whichever one we do that day. (At least we are trying to believe
it!) We usually do whatever class our schedule fits for that day. Running is not our
favorite thing to do but throw some barbell here and there to keep us happy. The
Inferno Hot Pilates class is so much fun! Hot Yoga is something we need to do more
after a grinding out CrossFit WODs. Some days we need to get some angst out in the
Barbell class or WOD, and then other days we just want to relax and reflect in the
yoga room.

What are the greatest benefits of your practice in the yoga room and the gym?

Physically, we are stronger and in better cardiovascular shape. The greater benefit
for us is to relieve stress. Just focus on the workout and forget about everything
happening in outside world. In addition, we get to know ourselves more. It is always
surprising to me what we can do if we trust ourselves.

How has this changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?

Physically we feel better and stronger than we have for most of our adult lives. We
continue to push and believe in ourselves more and more, The classes have definitely
helped with our self-confidence.

What is your favorite part of the classes?

Comradery, community suffering, and positive energy!

To empower positive transformation through a life-long physical and mental practice.

Make the world a better place starting with U!

September Team Spotlight

Garrett Brown

Sep Team Spotlight

I I teach CrossFit, U-Fit, Barbell, and Competitors Class


What brought me to The Union?

Acceptance and community

My favorite quote.

“Your entitled min is dead weight. Cut it loose. Don’t focus on what you think you deserve. Take aim on what you are willing to earn!”-David Goggins

What is my fav class at the U and why?

The awesome thing is I can’t pick just one, I love taking all the classes at The U! They’re all special to me in many different ways. My Favorite to coach/teach would be CrossFit, seeing people pass the point of what they thought was possible and achieve new heights is the best!

What I like about coaching/teaching?

I love watching our athletes push their limits achieve a goal and go onto the next!

What brings me joy?

Seeing people smile and making people laugh! I’m a silly person and I like to act silly!