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This is the first installment of what we hope to be a regular monthly overview of our CrossFit programming.  Going forward, our goal is to publish this at the beginning of month so that you have a better understanding of the why’s and how’s of what we do. Since this is our very first such blog, it’s important that we start with our overall philosophy and drill down to January.

D2S Information Meeting

Drop 2 Sizes ChallengeAccountability. Great workouts.  Guided nutrition.  Support.Info meeting this Sunday at 12pm, Huebner Gym.Bring your favorite skinny jeans and begin your pound-shredding adventure

Yin Yoga Training at The Union

YIN YOGAWorking from the “yinside” out, we will explore the main postures of yin yoga, the benefits of this style of practice, and basic anatomy necessary to understand how different bodies create different shapes. You'll be introduced to Paul Grilley's "Functional...

Kids Yoga in January

Yoga Groove 2020

Yoga Groove is U-90, hot yoga class with minimal dialog set to groovy music. Come catch the class at Park Oaks on Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Teacher Training Info Meeting

Information Meeting
U-60 – 200-hour Teacher Training 2020
Sunday, Dec. 15th, 2019 12:00 PM at Huebner Studio

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Jen, star student of the month

A little about Me…

I grew up in eastern Montana and moved west to attend the University of Montana (Go Griz!). From there, I migrated south to Colorado for several years and came to San Antonio in 2013. I work at USAA and throughout my career, I have had been fortunate enough to lead teams which feeds my passion for coaching and helping others succeed. My husband Steve and I live in Bulverde with our three rescued puppers Lucy, Frank and Kevin. When we’re not working, we love spending time in nature, kayaking, fishing and travelling. Our favorite pastime is brewing beer and we in the process of opening our own brewery in the San Antonio area.

What brought U to The Union?

I’ve always loved yoga! After moving here, I was searching for a place to practice and was lucky enough to find the Union.

What is your favorite class?

The one I’m taking that day! As the Union has expanded its offerings, I’ve incorporated several different classes into my routine. I come six days a week and my favorite classes are UFit on Mondays, Strength on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Power on Wednesdays, Inferno Hot Pilates on Fridays and U-Burn or Power on Saturdays..

What are the greatest benefits of your practice in the yoga room and the gym?

There are so many benefits! In addition to feeling great, I have improved clarity and focus. The 60- and 260-day challenges taught me persistence and resilience and I’ve carried these lessons into every aspect of my life.



I teach the U-90, U-60, IHP, X-Fit, U-Fit, and TRX

What brought you to The U?

I had gone to visit my cousin, Telisha, in Houston over winter break one year. She took me to a 90-minute hot yoga class that she was absolutely raving about. I let her talk me into trying a class and I pretty much died! Also, I hated it. lol! I came back to SA and Telisha convinced me to try it out here at what was then Bikram Yoga San Antonio. I tried it again and was not convinced. I eventually made my way back and lost a ton of weight doing yoga and my life changed. I loved how I felt and knew I had to teach this to other people.

Some of my favorite quotes are…

“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.” Lady Gaga

My favorite classes are…

I love taking CrossFit! I really enjoy being challenged by the movements and the weights. Plus the feeling of coming together after a tough workout really bonds everyone in class.

My favorite part about teaching?

Being able to help people take the next step in their fitness journey. Being able to witness people achieve goals they may not have originally recognized in themselves.

What inspires you?

Watching members of our community put in the hard work each and every day in our classes.

To empower positive transformation through a life-long physical and mental practice.

Make the world a better place starting with U!