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Union Strength Class Programming Mid-Feb 2020

The goal of the U-Strength Class is to build strength, i.e. the ability to produce force against an external object, in an efficient and effective 1-hour class. Side effects include improved bone density, increased lean muscle mass, reduction in body fat percentage...

Gymnastics at Huebner Gym

CrossFit GymnasticsThe Union CrossFit Gymnastics (CFG) course provides a baseline of knowledge, strength and coordination for body weight movements. In CrossFit, the gymnastics domain precedes weightlifting and sport - meaning athletes should be proficient or...

U-75 Lab Class

February CrossFit Programming

and we're back…… As a quick refresher, this January we were working on strict gymnastics, unilateral strength and the posterior chain via Sumo deadlifts. We will continue to work on strict gymnastics and unilateral strength in February as auxiliary emphases, but now...

Strongman Takeover

Kids Yoga February

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A little about Me…

I grew up in the Philippines. I was a NARP (non-athletic regular person). Our household consisted of mostly men, I seldom did heavy lifting. In 1991, I moved to the US after University hospital hired me as a Physical Therapist. That’s where I met my husband. We have 2 witty sons and a beautiful daughter. They’re the reason I do what I do. I keep the same standard I expected from my kids, when it comes to living a good life.

What brought U to The Union?

It was at first the CrossFit classes. It made sense to me because of my background, so I joined back n 2015. Then, Pilates and Yoga classes in a hot room got me hooked!

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class schedule is, Crossfit at least 4-5 times a week and I like to sprinkle yoga and IHP around it.

What are the greatest benefits of your practice in the Yoga room and the Gym?

I’m stronger than when I was in my 20s!

How has this changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?

Scoliosis, I still have it but Crossfit combined with Yoga has tremendously improved my mobility and decreased some of my back and neck issues. Plus, I’m more patient and resilient.

What is your favorite part of the classes?

I enjoy the camaraderie the most!.


KATY ESPARZA A.K.A. “Magic Hands”

Katy Esparza Yoga Teacher

What brought you to the U?

A friend introduced me to Lisa and Liz, they invited me take a class, it was not love at first sight, but after 3 classes I was in!

One of my favorite quotes..

For beautiful eyes, look for good in others; for beautiful lips, only speak words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. – Audrey Hepburn

My favorite classes are…

The U-90, of course, because it’s where the therapy really is for the mind and body. It fulfills my heart just as much as running. Running is one of my passions, so there you go!

My favorite part about teaching is…

The human body is fascinating! I love to see the smile on students when they have an “A-HA” moment.

What inspires you?

Seeing humans push past their limits.
What brings you joy…
Running and being outdoors, which is a big part of who I am.


To empower positive transformation through a life-long physical and mental practice.

Make the world a better place starting with U!